How to make a pizza

Your pizza recipe on Bread Boss comes with two variations, Dinner and Lunch because the amount of starter used is different for each variation. Check your alarm settings by clicking on the Show Settings link under Reminder Alarms, select a Preferred final dough start time of 1pm for the Dinner variation and 7am for the Lunch variation and then regenerate your alarms to get the correct timing.

sourdough pizza alarm settings
Alarm Settings
sourdough pizza alarms
sourdough pizza settings

The following steps outline how to make your pizza:

Step 1 – Make the sourdough

Follow the instructions on how to make a sourdough.

sourdough pizza sourdough

Step 2 – Make the autolyse

sourdough pizza autolyse
Weigh and add the flours to the bowl.

Weigh and add water to the bowl.

Mix together using your hand and cover and leave until ready to make the final dough.

Step 3 – Make the Final Dough

sourdough pizza final

Weigh out the required amount of salt, but do not add it to the bowl, but keep it to one side in a small dish ready to add towards the end. By delaying the addition of the salt the protein in the dough will remain more pliable and allow you to get a better protein structure quicker.

Remove the starter amount from the sourdough and store in fridge for your next creation.

If you are adding dextrose then add to the bowl. Dextrose is pure glucose but it can be hard to get hold of, we got ours from a brewing shop. It is optional but it does create a nice flavour.

Weigh and add olive oil to the bowl containing the autolyse.

Add the sourdough to the bowl containing the autolyse.

Mix all ingredients until the dough is hydrated and cover dough and leave to stand for 30 mins.

Turn out the dough onto the bench and knead until fully developed. You can tell how developed the dough is by wetting your fingers and stretching the dough. If you can form a translucent window then you know that the dough is developed.


Stretch out the dough on the bench and sprinkle the salt over it. Fold the salt into the dough and knead until the salt has completely dissolved.

Place dough in a container and cover for the bulk fermentation time.

Every hour remove from container and stretch and turn over and remould into a ball and add back into the bowl and cover.

After the bulk fermentation time scale into unit sizes leave on bench for the intermediate proof time, covered with a tea towel.

dough scaled

At the end of intermediate proof cover a tray with a generous amount of olive oil and place units on tray well spaced and cover with olive oil.

Cover with plastic wrap and leave for the final proof.

scaled dough in oil

Step 4 – Bake Your Pizza

baking the pizza

Turn on oven to maximum heat and preheat, for example our oven takes 40 mins to get to the maximum and heat up the stone.

Place a sheet of baking paper on your peel. Shape a ball of dough into a pizza shape by stretching the dough over the back of your hand and place on paper.

Spread pizza sauce on the pizza base, use the back of a spoon to spread but not too close to the edge of the sauce will burn if not covered by other ingredients.

pizza sauce on the base

Add ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, capsicum, olives, onions, bocconcini, mushrooom slices and salami.

pizza ready to be baked

Slide the pizza and baking paper into the stone and bake for around 5 mins. You can tell if the pizza is ready by lifting the pizza and checking the base. It should be golden but not burnt.

Sourdough pizza

Once you have removed the pizza wait about 10 mins for the oven to heat up again and then add the next one in.

Slice and share the pizza around, there is nothing worse than everyone having to watch while one person eats their pizza, just give everyone a slice of each pizza. Get everyone to have a go at making a pizza as well, it’s good fun!