Introducing Provenance Flour

Provenance Flour and Malt is a world leader in the supply of cereal grains.  The company was established to develop pathways for Single Origin supply to specialist premium artisan baking and craft brewing markets. They have taken the standard supply chain and tipped it upside-down.  Their aim is to de-commoditise grains and legumes back into a product that reflects the unique performance characteristics of an individual farm.

They establish a direct relationship; from farmer and their community to bakers/brewers and their customers. It gives the consumer recognition of the farmer, you know where and how your food is grown. This relationship not only contains the miller and maltster who transform the farmer’s grains and legumes into flour and malt but also the plant breeder. It’s about restoring the communication and relationships from our earth to our food and recognizing farmers who practice regenerative agriculture and the communities in which they live.

The earth on each farm has unique minerals and nutrients that when farmed holistically, combined with the local climate, creates a crop that has special characteristics.  They want consumers to taste that. They want consumers to be involved in this. They want them to be part of the care for growing their product.

Through this program, Provenance Flour and Malt helps bakers, brewers and their customers assist farmers like Richard Tweedy with his Spitfire Wheat, Simon Doolin with his Lancer Wheat, Michael and Margie O’Brien with their Cereal Rye to create beneficial environmental outcomes and to support local communities like North Star and Coonamble.

Provenance Flour and Malt’s philosophy is recognition of local farmers and support for their community and environment.

Provenance Flour sells directly to the artisan baker and as a home baker it is difficult to get access to this beautiful flour. This is why we stepped in to help by selling the flour directly to you.