Making Your Sourdough

To create a basic sourdough loaf the first stage is creating your sourdough and the second stage is creating your bread dough. Essentially the sourdough stage is a method to increase your starter from its original amount to the amount needed to successfully leaven your bread dough. Additionally there needs to be enough sourdough created to also allow you to remove the amount added as starter – effectively cycling your starter as well as making bread.

To begin use the following methods:

How to make a sourdough

How to make a bread dough

Or if you are making our 100% Rye bread which is especially good for people with gluten sensitivities

How to make a rye bread dough.

As your expertise increases you will want to make grain and fruit loaves and even more specialised types of sourdough. To make grain loaves of sourdough bread you will use the following method:

How to make a soaker.

The best way to begin is to follow one of our recipes and this will show you the correct methods to use.

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