Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Set of 3

Set of 3 large stainless steel bowls and plastic lids for ultimate food storage, baking, and cooking preparation. The smallest of these brushed metal nesting bowls will easily hold over 3.5 litres, while the largest bowl can hold over 5 litres. The wide, flat rim ensures a sturdy grip for pouring, mixing, whisking, meal preparation, and serving.

Nice and deep! Deeper than standard bowl sets, these stainless bowls allow for larger servings and less mess! The smallest metal bowl in this set is big enough to easily mix a large cake batter, while the largest bowl is big enough to take on just about any kitchen task – mixing batters, tossing salads, marinating and storing.

Checkered Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Set of 3 – XL to Large – Nesting Stackable Stainless Steel Bowls with Lids and Non-Slip Rubber Bottoms – Kitchen, Baking & Cooking

Lids Included! Each bowl comes with a plastic lid that fits flush inside for a snug fit. The tops of the lids are recessed to make stacking and storing your mixing bowls easy.

Made of heavy gauge stainless steel, these dent and rust resistant mixing bowls are sanitary, never retaining odours, bacteria, or stains. Featuring a shiny, mirror-finish interior and fingerprint-proof satin exterior, these bowls also come with a rubber, non-slip, flat base for stability.

Easy to care for – these refrigerator and freezer safe kitchen bowls are simple to clean by hand and are dishwasher safe! The metal bowls ship in secure packaging making them perfect for gift giving. Every kitchen needs a set of these mixing bowls.



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