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big hole bread

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Ahmad Sammour asked 5 years ago

i am looking to achieve big holes in my crisp bread i have alot of different recipes but the problem is the flour i have in Jordan is not good at all and the mill has no standard towards gluten content 

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Boris Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Ahmad, 
I’m surprised Jordan doesn’t at least have imported premium bread grain/flour even in the more expensive price range. 
Of course milling techniques are important but so is the grain quality. 
Here in Australia we have some excellent grain and flour quality. 
A friend of mine who was in the milling business spent some time in Turkey a decade ago when repeated drought seasons reduced Australian premium wheat stock piles. His company was importing some excellent quality grain from Turkey for a few years until Australian stocks were replenished. 
I’m not sure how that information would help you. 
Do you have access to flour specifications? 
Anyway, let us know how you go with this and good luck.