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Covid-19 Protocols

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Karen Staff asked 2 months ago

We recently received a question from Greg R but were unable to reply via email as his email didn’t work.
I attended one of Boris’ courses recently and he pointed the class to this site. I purchased the App, and I would also like to purchase a couple of items of equipment and also some flour. We live close enough to Hornsby Heights to make a pick up possible, but wondering what impact the current restrictions will have. Are you still offering any kind of pick up? If so, how does it work so that we both keep safe?

1 Answers
Karen Staff answered 2 months ago

The protocol for COVID19 is as follows:
Our Covid-19 protocols is as follows:

  • When you are ready to pickup send a text to make sure the day/time works for us (we are working from home so normally will be fine), weekend pick up is fine
  • When you arrive honk or text and we will bring the flour down to the car
  • We will keep a 1.5m distance from you

Note that address and text number will be given after you order.