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Michael asked 6 months ago

Hello Boris 
Im just wondering when is the best time to apply seeds for say a nice sesame seeded crust.
Thank You

1 Answers
Boris Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Mike, 
If you’re putting the seeds on the outside of your loaf then you can spray water on the surface of the dough piece with an atomiser and roll the dough piece in the seeds. This is done after final moulding/shaping. Conversely you can sprinkle seeds on the top just prior to entering the oven. This is a better technique if you’re wanting a very sparse cover. 
The water helps the seeds adhere to the surface. So during final proof they’ll stay fixed until entering the oven.
My brother Kon likes to make a sesame seeded stoneground bread and he uses the first technique. You can see a picture here:

Open Sesame!

Good luck with it.