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Flour in QLD..?

QuestionsCategory: BreadmakingFlour in QLD..?
Stuart Docherty asked 3 months ago

QLD often feels like a bit of an outpost, then I remember I used to live in Darwin….
I put some of your flour in the cart, but the not unsurprisingly, the postage was prohibitive…
Do you know of anyone producing bread flour, in QLD…?

1 Answers
Karen Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Stuart,
I don’t think of QLD as an outpost! In fact Provenance Flour comes from North Star near the border of NSW and QLD. I’ve asked John from Provenance Flour and Boris if they know of anyone.  Also you can send an email to us with your post code I can let you know the cost of sending it by courier. Sometimes they can do delivery much cheaper than Australia Post.
Kind regards,