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David asked 3 months ago

Able to reduce a large formula ? Not sure how I do have the formulas

1 Answers
Boris Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi David, 
The app is able to scale the formulas in either direction – up or down accurately.
At the first screen of any type of formula find the relevant fields – unit size to enter the weight of each loaf. Also the number of loaves desired (number of units). Click those fields and enter your requirements. BreadBoss app will calculate the formulas for that requirement.
Of course bakers usually round up the total amounts to cover fermentation loss or production losses. In the loss factor field I usually use 3% which means I always have a bit extra. BreadBoss will calculate the loss factor into the formula so you don’t need to worry about being a few grams short.
Sorry about the delay as we’ve been off line due the effects of fires.