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Gluten free sourdough

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Nicole Gonzalez-Conkright asked 3 months ago

Myname is Nicole.  I recently discovered that my 9 year old son has a gluten sensitivity. Do you have any gluten free recipes that you would be willing to share? My mom just bought the 9” proofer basket and I’m excited to get started, but I’m having troublewith gluten free recipes.   
Thank you
Nicole Gonzalez-Conkright

4 Answers
Boris Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Nicole,
In fact we had lunch today with Robin Ellenburger of Tasmania who happens to be a gluten-free baker. She’s going to answer your question as soon as she gets back home. In a week or so.
Robin will have some good news then..

Boris Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Nicole,
Robin has written an article which will give you some answers. Should be posted very soon.

Boris Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Nicole,
Robin completed the Gluten Free post and I hope you find some good info there and answers to your questions and some idea for gluten free recipes.

Gluten Free Bread by Robin Ellenberger

Good luck.

Karen Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Nicole,
We have finally published the post from Robin, hopefully it gives you some insights into making Gluten Free Bread.