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How much diastatic malt to use when half is stone ground whole wheat in 1 kg mix

QuestionsCategory: BreadmakingHow much diastatic malt to use when half is stone ground whole wheat in 1 kg mix
Cliff Law asked 2 months ago

Hi Boris, firstly congratulations on agreat web site. I have two questions:

1 what does it cost to send your flour to Canberra, and secondly, I would like your advice on how much diastatic malt mix you recommended to use in my breadmaking.

I make a 1 kg mix with half home ground organic wheat. Should I add say 5 grams of diastatic malt or is there sufficient in the stoneground fresh wheat to do the job ? Also your diastatic malt article is the best I have come across.

Many thanks for your advice.

Cliff Law

1 Answers
Boris Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Cliff,
Thanks for saying those kind words.

I’d believe you probably won’t need any or very very little. This is due to the stoneground. Stoneground is rich in¬†aleurone which is rich in alpha amylase.
I’d be very surprised if you’d need it. Of course its highly dependant on the the flour and wheat you’re using so you could do a basic experiment over the next few bakes. (bake tests are the most effective tool for this type thing) If you’d like to test it and see make your usual dough in two batches. One with 0.25% malt flour on the total four and another with 0.5% malt. Treat them as per normal and do a sensory evaluation of the bread one day after they are removed from the oven. (It takes time to fully develop its characteristics – next day is pretty normal)

Evaluate such things as:


  • bread volume
  • crust character (soft and moist or dry)
  • crust colour
  • crumb moistness
  • depth of aroma
  • flavour (subtle complexity, subtle sweetness or excessively sour)


Of course, you will probably notice dough character changes compared to the normal without diastatic malt flour also. Such as dough stickiness, slightly accelerated dough maturity.

Treat your normal bread as the bench mark and compare. It’s always fun and instructive doing these test bakes.
As far as postage to Canberra? I have no idea.

Go to the flour you want to buy, add to your cart and proceed to checkout. Complete the info and the system will do an estimation that’s pretty accurate as its linked to Australia Post shipping data calculator. You can always stop there if it’s not cost effective.

Hope all this has helped and good luck.