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How to include starter weight when adding new recipes in BB apps

QuestionsCategory: Bread BossHow to include starter weight when adding new recipes in BB apps
Scotty asked 7 months ago

I hope this doesn’t sound like a silly question, but I just realised why the bread I bake from a recipe is different from one I have entered into bread boss, it revolves around the Starter
For example a recipe calls for 240g starter, I add all the ingredients to bread boss but bread boss automatically subtracts this amount for the next bake.
I now make an adjustment, but what’s the best way to manage this in the app

1 Answers
Boris Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Scotty,
It’s not a silly question but it has a simple but specific answer.

Bread Boss has a very specific way it treats the total flour weight and the designated 100% flour.

This means Bread Boss includes the flour in the sourdough within the total flour weight and designates it 100%.

This system of formula calculation also excludes the starter from being consumed in the bread making process.
This method uses the “starter” as an infecting culture to initiate the fermentation without consuming the weight of the original. As you observe, at maturity this allows the culture  to be stored for the next bake. But it also means that the starter is constantly refreshed during the bread making process.

If by chance you wish to make more bread than usual Bread Boss has a feature that allows you to enter the amount of starter you have available and if it’s not enough BreadBoss will generate an “increase starter” stage. This gives you the parameters to build up your starter to the needed amount in the most efficient time frame to then make the increased amount of bread you initially planned to make.

I guess how, or if, you’d use these features and make use of them as part of your method is something only you can decide on but IMHO it’s the most logical way to go.

Hope that helps.