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Davide asked 3 months ago

On an iPad ver. 13.4

When creating a recipe I understood that it’s possible to copy an existing alarm, for example I want an alarm every 30 minutes during a 4 hour fermentation. I select an alarm tap the three dots at the end of the row and choose Copy. What’s the next step please as I cannot see how to add it into the list of alarms?

1 Answers
Kon Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Davide, 
Copying alarms is exactly as you have described. When you choose Copy, the alarm is duplicated in the list with the same time and description. All you have to do then is tap on the time to change when the alarm will trigger; and tap on the description to change the message/action text to show for the alarm.
An important point to remember when you manipulate the alarm times is identifying which alarm is the first in the sequence. If your first alarm is 3pm Sat, for example and you then copy it and set the time of the copied alarm (that is, the one below it) to 2pm Sat, then that 2pm is for the following saturday. When you go out and back into that recipe you’ll see that the alarm has moved to the end of the list.
If you want to add a time before the current first alarm, then tap the ellipsis button and select “Set as first alarm” and all the alarms will be re-sorted based on that selected alarm being the first alarm in the list.
Hope this helps.
PS There are a couple of bugs with editing the alarm times after copying. Hopefully you wont hit them. I am working on fixing them asap. You will still be able to do what you want, but you may have to make a few corrections if you hit the bugs, sorry about that.