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Stephen Farrar asked 4 months ago

I just bought the iOS app. I am not getting alarms or notifications from the app. When I flip the “Alarms active?” switch, the app crashes.

1 Answers
Kon Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Stephen,
Can you start the app and click the envelope icon in the bottom toolbar and select the “Feedback with diagnostics” action. I’ll have a look at the logs and be in contact with you if I need any more information. Sorry for the issue and I’ll resolve it as soon as I can. 
With regard to notifications, ensure that you have enabled notifications for the app: click the cog icon in the bottom toolbar and then click the Notifications; set the options you want. 
The default notification sound  for all recipes is the system default sound (usually just a single ding). If you want something more noticeable I’d suggest you select a different sound – open the recipe, scroll down to the Reminder Alarms section and tap on the SHOW SETTINGS to see the possibilities. The first option “Alarm sound” allows you to select a longer sound to play when the alarm triggers – the supplied sounds are all just under the 30 second limit imposed by apple, so you are more likely to notice it.