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Levai/ starter hydration percentage

QuestionsCategory: Bread BossLevai/ starter hydration percentage
Anthony Accardi asked 1 year ago

    I’m working on figuring out the app.  I normally calculate the starter as part of the water/flour percentage hydration ( always feed with an equal mass of water and starter for 100% hydration and then add the flour and water into the totals )  Is there way to do this in bread boss?  It looks like your starter defaults to about 60% hydration which then throws off my existing formulas

1 Answers
Boris Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for asking.

Just for clarification – Bread Boss makes a distinction between “starter” and “sourdough”. Starter is a piece of mature sourdough that is used to ‘infect’ a batch of flour & water (sourdough) that is eventually added to a final dough. The final dough is eventually baked into bread. In order to have a perpetuated but cycled, or fresh starter it is kept in the fridge when not being used to infect a batch of flour & water (sourdough).

Your question whether BB can accommodate 100% hydration of the sourdough even though generating a new recipe defaults to 60%? of course the answer is YES. All you need to do is edit the formula so that it reflects the required hydration you desire.
If you have any questions about that let me know and I’ll post some examples that illustrate the process.

Good luck and let us know, we want BB users to get the best out of the app!!