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Overnight Sourdough Pizza Dough

QuestionsCategory: BreadmakingOvernight Sourdough Pizza Dough
Robert asked 5 months ago

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the information on breadboss, that was a feature I was unaware of.
My question may be more recipe related than breadboss related. But I want to use breadboss for the process.
We will be cooking for 50, about 25pizzas, using 3.5kg flour all by hand, serving from midday sharp.
But with all the other goings on I was hoping to reduce the workload on the day of baking, but still make it a success by making the dough on the day before. 
But with the recipe as it stands, with the autoclyse etc. it’s about a 12 hr process, the dilemma of a midnight start is still there. 
By retarding the dough in the fridge, is it possible to make the dough the previous afternoon?
eg. Make the dough at 5pm, then pop it into the fridge, turn the dough, then back into the fridge a couple of times. Hit the hay, then whip it out the next morning at ?????? (time needed) then carry on the process as per breadboss/recipe.

1 Answers
Boris Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Scotty,

Pizza dough is very flexible in terms of production times. In fact it will improve with some extra time with refrigeration.

Your suggestion of making the dough the day before is perfectly fine. I’d bulk ferment the dough in ambient temperatures, dividing it, then rounding into balls and placing them in a greased tub with a cover and refrigerate them over night.

The next morning take them out and allow them to prove and warm. When you are ready to start you can stretch them out on to the baking paper etc.
Good luck.