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Overnight Sourdough Pizza Dough

QuestionsCategory: Bread BossOvernight Sourdough Pizza Dough
Robert asked 5 months ago

I’ve landed myself the job of cooking wood fired pizzas for fifty members of the local men’s shed. Previously I’ve made yeast dough, but I want to advance and share my love of sourdough. 
Using the recipe on breadboss, I will make the dough the night before and start cooking at midday.
To ensue the day is a success, I would appreciate some guidance on timing.

2 Answers
Karen Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Robert,
Good on you for taking on the pizza cooking for your Men’s Shed!
Check out this link on our website
Your pizza recipe on Bread Boss comes with two variations, Dinner and Lunch because the amount of starter used is different for each variation. Check your alarm settings by clicking on the Show Settings link under Reminder Alarms, select a Preferred final dough start time of 7am for the Lunch variation and then regenerate your alarms to get the correct timing.
When we put the pizza in our oven, which has been left to heat up to max of 250° C for 45mins it only takes about 5 mins to bake the pizza.
Everyone loves the sourdough pizza, how many are you planning to do? Boris may have some advice on how to stage it for larger quantites…

Boris Staff answered 5 months ago


My advice is make each pizza as large as possible and have a few made up in advance so as you unload the next one can go in. Of course it would help if you have more than one domestic oven to work with but if you have a commercial bakers oven the better.

A few hands we’ll coordinated will help too.

Good luck.