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Query re how much Diastatic malt to use

QuestionsCategory: BreadmakingQuery re how much Diastatic malt to use
Christopher Watson asked 4 months ago

I’ve just taken delivery of some of your Diastatic malt powder. Thanks! I just want to confirm in what percentage of total flour weight it is typically used – I’ve found some conflicting numbers online and thought I’d check from the source.
Thanks for your time.

1 Answers
Karen Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Christopher,
It depends on the flour it will be added to and the final result wanted by the baker. Adding to that it also depends on what the rating of the diastatic activity of malt (ours is > 250wk). But for home baking Boris suggests you should try varying amounts and see which you prefer. Start at .25% but you can go right up to 3% then settle on what works best for your flour and produces the best results for your taste.
The effects of amylase enzymes (malt flour) is in the post on malt flour but suffice to say it ensures starch (insoluble poly-saccharide) is broken down into maltose (soluble di-sacchride) that ensures sufficient sugars for sourdough bacteria, bread crumb moisture, bread volume, crust colour and flavour.

Malt Flour for sourdough – Diastatic or Non- Diastatic…

Hope this helps!