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Ofer Golan asked 9 months ago

When setting the alarms I do not see it in the clock app under alarms.
I do get notifications from the app but no alarms.
Thanking you in advanced,

1 Answers
Kon Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Ofer,
It is not really possible, nor desirable to change the clock app’s alarms with Bread Boss reminders. As you may appreciate, there are many alarms for making a single recipe and you would get all these mixed up with your normal ‘get up for work’ alarms.
Apple doesn’t allow other apps to change the clock app data. The only other mechanism that Apple allows in iOS is the notifications that Bread Boss currently uses. I agree that these are not as good at what is possible in Android, but that is out of our control.
I always make sure that my phone is NOT on silent while making bread. Sorry if this is not what you were hoping for – I know that I was unhappy with this when I was developing the app. When Apple makes it possible for apps to create their own real alarms, like Android, then I will definitely update the app accordingly.
May the rise be with you!