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Davide asked 3 months ago

I’ve a recipe that I’d like to store on Bread Boss that has a retard period in the fridge of 48 hours. Any thoughts on the best way to handle that in the App?

2 Answers
Kon Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Davide,
I will add to our list of things to do, to extend the maximum Retardation time.
However, as a work around, change the alarms as follows:

  • Firstly, generate the alarms as desired.
  • Then, switch off all the alarms proceeding the the first “Remove loaf from fridge” alarm.
  • Then use the +/- time buttons to adjust all the following alarms, extending the retardation time to your required amount.
  • Then use the switch beside the title “Time Action needed” to switch all alarms off, then again to switch them all back on.

This should be a reasonable work around till I enhance the app to support a longer retardation time for a recipe.
Remember, that you’ll have to do this every time that you regenerate the alarms. If the alarms are all relatively correct, then you don’t need to regenerate and can just use the +/- time buttons to adjust as needed. Hope this helps.

Kon Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Davide,
I’ve just released a new iOS version that will allow you to set more flexible times. Hope this satisfies your requirements.