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Same day sourdough

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WILLIAM JOHN thomson asked 9 months ago

Hey Boris, John here again. I only have one day for baking this weekend & am wondering if you could recommend a process for that. I’m presuming I’d need to shorten the phase where the dough is in the bannetons in the fridge by leaving it out?

1 Answers
Boris Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi John,
OK, do it this way.
Sourdough overnight – 15hrs
Make the bread dough in the morning but it’s important to adjust the required dough temperature (RDT) up to around 27°C.
This will ensure the dough will mature sufficiently to enter the oven approximately 6-7hrs after completion of mixing or DTO.
So to clarify – give approx 2 – 2.5hrs bulk fermentation – half hour or so of intermediate proof then 4 or so hours of final proof at ambient temperatures. But monitor the dough pieces in final proof as it may need to enter the oven a bit earlier depending on the temperature of the day.
Good luck.