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Tamir Levin asked 8 months ago

In search of superb flours, I came across spitfire. However shipping 20Kg from 
HORNSBY HEIGHTS, 2077 to GLEN HUNTLY, 3163 is cost prohibitive. insane even – $40! 
I’ve been using for some occasional shipping across Australia for a while now. They are a subsidiary of Hunter Express. I estimate the the same size/weight with E-go will cost $15. If you used a proper carrier (not an occasional service like e-go) I bet it could be less. 
Just thought I’d share my experience. Your $43/20k price is great. Shipping is killing it!
All the best
Glen Huntly 

1 Answers
Karen Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Tamir,
We have a customer who organises the courier and sends us the label and it works fine. If you are happy with e-go then just buy the flour with the local pickup option and send us the label and we will package and attach the label. For the 20kg bag the dimensions will be 40cm x 40cm x 20cm and weight is 20kg. Cheers, Karen