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Starter hydration percentage

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Craig Sande asked 3 months ago

I have been using starters with 100% hydration, but your formulas appear to less. Am I able to use your calculator with 100% hydration starter?

2 Answers
Boris Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Craig,


The short answer is yes. First, I assume by “starter” you mean the same as we do for “sourdough”?


You have two options, either enter your own formula if you’re ready for that. Alternatively, you can copy an existing formula, edit its name to differentiate it from the original. Then edit it by changing the water content in the sourdough as you require. Then save it.

When we get back to normal after technical internet issues due to fires I’ll make some screen shots from my phone and upload them to this post.

However, the app is designed to easily edit formulas so spend a bit of time trying things out. You can get good instructions in our help posts on this site.

Good luck and I’ll post the pictures in a few days.

Boris Staff answered 3 months ago

One thing I didn’t mention that might be worth covering is that any changes you make to the water content of the sourdough – in this case increase it to 100% of the flour in the sourdough – will reduce the water in the final dough or in the autolyse stage if you are using an autolyse. 
The reason for that is that Bread Boss™ references the water from the “Base Formula”.
That means that if the base formula – view it in edit mode – has a percentage of say 75% water as the total hydration it remains the same and any “internal” allocations in the stages will be balanced by the parameter of the 75% in the base formula.
Of course you can increase or decrease the hydration of the base formula by editing the base formula.  
Hope that helps.