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Tips on how to store provenance flour

QuestionsCategory: BreadmakingTips on how to store provenance flour
Katrina Clark asked 2 months ago

we’ve just purchased 20kg of the provenance flour and was wondering if you could give any tips regarding the storage of the flour. Recommended flour bins etc.. 

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Boris Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Katrina,
Best storage for flour is away from sunlight in a cool dry environment. Food grade pails used for food ingredients that can be sealed are excellent for this. However, metal and wooden bins are also fine too.

You can find them at restaurants, bakeries, etc as some ingredients come in these pails and the restaurant or bakery needs to get rid of them. This means you can do them a favour and get them for free.

13 ltr and 20 ltr pails are commonly used. They have sealing lids which is also great to prevent weevils from the outside. Weevils may eventually find your flour if it’s exposed for long periods – several months – that’s why a sealable lid is very good at home as it may take you a few months to bake all 20kgs.
I just did a quick internet search and there are several companies who supply them also.
This picture below shows smaller size pails with the lids also but they come in even bigger sizes, however, you get the idea.

Good luck and enjoy the flour. I very much like baking with both, Lancer and Spitfire.