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QuestionsCategory: Breadmakingwhere-in-melbourne-can-i-buy-provenance-flour
John Connal asked 4 months ago

Where in Melbourne can I buy Provenance flour? Having it sent from Sydney almost doubles the price!

1 Answers
Karen Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi John,
I’ve checked with John Campbell from Provenance Flour, and he does store 20kg bags in Campbellfield, VIC. The issue is that they are stored in a warehouse and it is not really designed for retail customers.  If you were a bakery and wanting larger amounts then I’m guessing that John would find a way to supply you in Melbourne. Unfortunately if you are a home baker, like us, it is difficult to get hold of his lovely flour which is why we run the shop. Contact us on if you want to discuss further, we can give you John’s email so you can contact him direct if needed.