Stoneground Sourdough

This recipe uses 60% stoneground flour and 40% bakers flour. Stoneground flour is created by grounding the whole wheat grain using a stone mill. The process is slower and prevents the grain from being exposed to high temperatures allowing more of the nutrients to be retained. The endosperm, bran and germ are in their natural, original proportions, allowing for higher and efficient nutrient absorption.

Baker’s flour rather than all-purpose flour should be used for the other 40% because of its higher protein content. A protein level of 12-14% is required for high-quality bread.  All-purpose flour only has a protein level of 10-12%.

To create this bread you first create a sourdough using a starter. If you don’t have a starter you can create one using this page. Essentially the sourdough stage is a method to increase your starter from its original amount to the amount needed to successfully leaven your bread dough. Additionally there needs to be enough sourdough created to allow you to remove the amount added as starter – effectively cycling your starter as well as making bread.

The final stage in making your sourdough bread is the bread dough itself. The bread dough is the final dough which will be proved, baked and eaten with relish and gusto.

Unit size 1200g (42.329oz)
Number of loaves 2
Total flour 1377g (48.572oz)


Our recipes assume a consistent dough temperature of 20°C (68°F), for the home baker this is a challenge but remember that you can use warm water to increase the dough temperature if the weather is colder.

Sourdough – Ingredients

Ingredients Measurements
Stoneground flour 248g (8.743oz)
Bakers flour 165g (5.829oz)
Starter 103g (3.643oz)
Water 248g (8.743oz)
Diastatic malt 1g (Pinch)
*662g (23.351oz)

*Starters weight not included in total

Fermentation Time 15 hours
Required Dough Temperature 20°C (68°F)


For detailed instructions go to this link:
 How to make a sourdough.

The sourdough created in this stage will be 103g more than is required in the bread dough. This amount will be removed from the sourdough stage before adding it to the bread dough and will be your starter for the next time you bake.

Bread Dough – Ingredients

Ingredients Measurements
Stoneground flour 578g (20.4oz)
Bakers flour 386g (13.6oz)
Sourdough 662g (23.351oz)
Water 744g (26.229oz)
Diastatic malt 2g (2 pinches)
Salt 28g (0.971oz)
2400g (84.636oz)


Dough to Oven Time 14 hours 30 mins
Bulk Fermentation Time 2 Hours
Intermediate Proof Time 30 Mins
Retardation Time 10 Hours
Final Proof Time 2 Hours
Baking Time Preheat oven and bake at 220°C (428°F) for 30 mins.


For detailed instructions go to this link:
How to make a bread dough.

If you have our app then the alarms are worked out for you, here is an example of the schedule.

Time Action
Friday 6pm Make sourdough
Saturday 8.45am Prepare for bread dough
Saturday 9am Mix bread dough
Saturday 10.30am Turn over dough
Saturday 11.30am Scale and round
Saturday 12.00pm Mold to basket then refrigerate
Sunday 9am Remove first loaf from fridge
Sunday 9.45am Remove second loaf from fridge
Sunday 10.15am Preheat oven
Sunday 10.55am Boil water for steam and place bowl in oven
Sunday 11am Bake first loaf
Sunday 11.45am Bake second loaf
Bread Boss Sourdough Stage
Bread Boss Final Dough Stage
Bread Boss Alarms

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Hi Janna,
Yes it does look like an interesting recipe. I am working on a similar recipe call Borodinsky bread which also uses dark rye and molasses. The difference between the Squaw bread is that it also uses cornmeal. I might try that out as well and see how it turns out. If it’s good it might end up as a post on our blog and in Bread Boss. Thanks for sharing.

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