Skippy Mills

Skippy Grain Mills are reliable suppliers in Australia of the best German and Austrian stone mills money can buy. The cost is very reasonable when you consider what it really does and the results yielded. The Hawos Billy 100 mill is a handsomely made mill showing excellent workmanship of beautiful birchwood. The hopper and exterior furniture is beautifully made. The internal components are of first class quality. Its very compact but powerful, quick and easily fits on a kitchen bench.

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After milling the flour temperature is well below the problem temperature of 55°C which means the flour maintains its integrity and the maximum nutrition.

Skippy Grain Mill Hawos Billy 100

Milling the flour is an experience in itself. The wheat aroma released is unique.

Milled flour with approx 3.5% course bran sieved to use on the dough in the proving bannetons

The Bread

It is an understatement to say that freshly milled stoneground bread is aromatic and flavoursome. The complexity of the flavour is something to behold. The crust is a mixture of a wheaty sweetness with some subtle acids. The depth of the grain flavour is hard to describe in words. I’ve tasted many types of bread made with many types of methods but fresh milled stonground using sourdough is unparalleled in flavour. It’s a truly unique flavour experience.

The crumb is moist, elastic, beautifully flavoured and coloured. It is very pleasant as the moisture and sheen of the crumb indicated the water level was close to being perfect. Although I feel even more water can improve the texture.

In Conclusion

The mill performed beautifully and milled the grain with no problem at all. It was hypnotic watching the grain magically turn to flour right before my eyes. Every part of the process of baking is a satisfying endeavour when one considers the resultant bread. But here in this instance the real highlight was the quality of the bread. The flavour, aroma and mouth-feel is nothing short of amazing, but considering the nutrition of the bread, that makes it somehow ethereal.

I encourage you to try fresh stone milling and baking. There’s no doubt its a challenge, but the results when you get it right are nothing short of amazing.