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Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in Bread Boss, slider | 7 comments

Announcing Bread Boss for iOS (iPhones and iPads)

Announcing Bread Boss for iOS (iPhones and iPads)

The drums have finally stopped rolling and Bread Boss® for iOS has made it to the market. It’s been a long journey and we really appreciate the help and feedback from our beta testers. Bread Boss is now available in the App Store and of course the Play Store.

Screen shot of my iPhone 5S

Let me back up a bit to give the reader some background.

In 2017 we determined that even though the Android system has a greater global coverage by a long way over other platforms, we discovered that the baker and chef demographic were over represented as apple users. We had an avalanche of requests to make it available on Apple, so we bit the bullet (or actually the apple).

We added some unique features that make Bread Boss more intuitive including:

  • an integrated tutorial/explanation for each major app function
  • ability to attach multiple photos to each recipe
  • clearer separation of your recipes, supplied recipes and archived recipes
  • a clearer ‘shopping list’ of ingredients needed for a recipe

Of course we’ve written a comprehensive help guide on this site for ios users.

Thank you for all the support from ios testers and we’re glad to make this tool available for the world of Apple users.

Happy New Year from – Boris, Kon and Karen. (The Bread Boss®Team)



  1. Only had a chance to give it a quick once over but it looks amazing. I can still remember how to use pen and paper from my days at East Sydney but this is a wonderful additional tool to have in one’s box of tricks.

    • Hi Belinda,

      Nice to hear from you. I’m glad you like it and hope you find it useful having the formulas and alarms all in the same app and thanks for the feedback.

      East Sydney days takes me back…. but I’m still teaching students how to calculate formulas on paper so they know how.

      Don’t forget to use the help pages here if you need some help with app settings etc.


  2. Hi Boris

    Happy new year🍾🍾🍾Thats awesome now i can go back to iphone. Yay


    Jenine (your favourite apprentice)

    • Hi Jenine,

      I missed your post as I left for NZ on the 3rd. The last post I managed to see was Belinda’s. But it’s nice to hear from you too!

      However, I’m glad you’re back in your comfort zone with your iPhone.

      Thanks for the New Year well wishes and the same for you too!

      Go well.

  3. I need a very basic tutorial. I try to put my recipe in and when you save I either get warnings, wrong numbers, or both!

    Any advice or source material?

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