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Posted by on Jul 1, 2019 in Bread Boss, slider | 2 comments

Bread Boss New Release

Bread Boss New Release

We have just pushed out a new release of Bread Boss on Android (v1.3.80.58) and iOS (1.102x.62011).  It has been a while since updating the Android release and we needed to catch up to some of the changes reflected in the iOS (Apple) version, as well as introduce some new recipes to both.

There are a few changes to note:

Mother starter ingredient type

We’ve added a new ingredient “Mother starter,” which helps those using a mother rather than keeping a smaller, firmer starter in the fridge. You can now just replace/update the starter ingredient in the sourdough stage with a type of “Mother starter”.

Because the mother starter remains in the final dough you will need to add it to the base formula also – remember that the base formula always contains everything, regardless of which stage introduces the ingredient to the dough. The easiest way to change your recipe to use a mother is to add the mother in the base formula first, then use the … menu (in iOS or long press in android) and select to copy the ingredient to the stage you want it in.

We also decided to colour the inoculating ingredients (starter, mother starter and yeast) in ochre, rather than the previous blue colour, to avoid any confusion with stages that are blue.

New recipes

We have added in three new recipes, Pizza, Freshly Milled Stoneground and Fig Apricot Raisin and Walnut.

We also added a “Quick” variation to all the recipes for which it made sense. This variation basically has the bread dough and baking happening all in one day, so no retardation of the dough overnight. This variation helps those that have less time available, but still want to eat healthy bread. The bread will taste a little different to those with highly attuned taste buds, since the retardation in the fridge still allows fermentation to progress, albeit at a much slower rate.

Remember that you can add variations to your own recipes, rather than having a different recipe name.

Sub-gram weights

We now support sub-gram weights for the precision bakers or those doing tiny quantities. For android, in the settings tap on the “Weight to 100th gram?” option to activate sub-gram weights. For iOS, just turn on the switch for “Weight precision high?” in the settings.

Ingredient input method

If you want to create a new recipe and you only have the recipe as a list of ingredient weights, you can use the “Ingredient input method” (previously called Pause Calculations in Android).

Switch to “Weighs” input method and then construct your entire recipe using weights. When all ingredients are added to the base formula and all the stages, then switch the “Ingredient input method” back to “Percentages.”

The app will calculate the percentages for all ingredients in all stages. This is the best way to convert “cookbook” style recipes into bakers formulas.

Multiple images

As with iOS, the android app now allows you to select multiple images for your recipes, or no image at all if that’s what you want. To view the images just swipe across the image to show the next/previous image for the recipe.


We hope you enjoy the app, more improvements are planned for the future, unfortunately it all just takes a little longer than we’d like.


  1. Well done!
    This continues to be the best baking app available.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Randall, we’re doing our best!

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